Software Maintenance



  • Customers have technical problems. In the process of using the software, there are many possible cases of damage such as data loss, computer virus infection problems, hard drive damage, system data file loss, etc.
  • Software providers can charge by the hour and unfortunately if your side needs support many times, that number is much larger than the maintenance fee.
  • When there is a new version, you cannot upgrade and when you need to upgrade, many versions have passed, then the upgrade becomes difficult and the upgrade cost is also quite large
  • The features and operations of the software are increasingly developed, it is necessary to have support from customers to continuously update and develop suitable software products with high quality in order to bring the best products.

Introduction of software maintenance service

Software maintenance services are jobs that include not only customer support services such as care - support, guidance, customer response during the process of using the software by the customer since the initial stage. implementation and operation, but also continuous development to provide upgraded versions of the software that are in line with customer operational processes.

KC&T provides 2 types of software maintenance: periodic maintenance (package maintenance service on the basis of an annual maintenance contract extension) and on-demand maintenance (support, repair and troubleshooting). error on request)

Benefits of software maintenance

  • Increase high availability (of database systems)
  • Minimizing incidents, equipment failures due to external influences
  • Minimizing the risk of downtime of database systems
  • Optimize system performance
  • Actively check the database system


  • Service with competitive price
  • Consulting services suitable for each object and different requirements
  • Overall implementation according to customer needs
  • 24/7 quick care and support

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Why choose KC&T?

  • Deployment quickly and accurately, ensuring the progress
  • Consulting on suitable solutions to save costs and optimize efficiency
  • Information security process according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • Trusted partner of many large units, organizations and enterprises across the country
  • The implementation staff is well-trained and experienced in implementing many projects


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