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OUTSOURCING With 17 years of experience in Outsourcing in the fields of Administration, Administration, Customs, Human Resource Management, Sales Management, Transportation, Construction Management, Housing Management…., we always proud to bring customers valuable products with high quality process.

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Customers have technical problems. In the process of using the software, there are many possible cases of damage such as data loss, computer virus infection problems, hard drive damage, system data file loss, etc. Software providers can charge by the hour and unfortunately if your side needs support many times, that number is much larger than the maintenance fee. When there is a new version, you cannot upgrade and when you need to upgrade, many versions have passed, then the upgrade becomes difficult and the upgrade cost is also quite large The features and operations of the software are increasingly developed, it is necessary to have support from customers to continuously update and develop suitable software products with high quality in order to bring the best products.

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