With 17 years of experience in Outsourcing in the fields of Administration, Administration, Customs, Human Resource Management, Sales Management, Transportation, Construction Management, Housing Management…., we always proud to bring customers valuable products with high quality process.
KC&T always focuses on product quality and price in order to bring customers the most commensurate services and value.

Some of the typical services include:

• Development/outsourcing of applications
• Maintenance and upgrade of applications
• Online application software
• Maintenance and quality assurance of applications
• Project manager

We always complete the work and combine with professional teams at home and abroad to update, improve and optimize the services we undertake. Currently, we can offer a number of services such as: Processing each component of the product (machining a part in the entire system) or machining each component in the process (machining a part of the product). function of one/more processes or parts) or other types of outsourcing services.
• High quality service with very competitive price
• Centralized quality management
• Proficient in technology and business processes

KC&T Technology - Trading Joint Stock Company
Transactioddress: 106 – K7 Building, Nguyen Cao Luyen Street, Viet Hung Urban Area, Long Bien District, Hanoi City

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